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Spring is the Time to Clean House

Vinegar Baking Soda Borax Castile Soap Cornstarch Essential Oils Salt Toothpaste

March 21 to April 19 - Zodiac Sign: Aries - Element: Fire - Color: Deep Red

Spring is the time for renewal and starting new projects. It is also the time to take initiative, be the first on your block to be the community "environmentalist", making every day Earth Day. This is the time of the year you can get away with being an aggressive visionary. Becoming the leader of the pack, you can be so good your bad! After all it's better to be the only one saving your planet, instead of doing nothing at all. You know it's the right thing to do, go for it! Let the past go and look to the future. Rediscover the natural way your great-grandmother cleaned her house. You may find it healing to channel the past to create a healthier future for generations to come.

The Health Benefits of Pure Water

health benefits of pure water earth vibration liquid drinking homeopathic

February 19 to March 20 - Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Element: Water - Color: Violet

It has become increasingly obvious to conscious beings that if we are to remain healthy, we must have a good clean pure water source. Water is after all the essence of life. When a dying person is coming close to the end of their life they stop eating and drinking. Not to starve themselves, but rather to dehydrate their body in preparation to return to the salt of the earth. Because that is what we are: water and salt, or in biochemical terms: ionic minerals in the form of matter being suspended in a water medium. On a biophysical level we are much more and so is water.

Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air

January 20 to February 18 - Zodiac Sign: Aquarius - Element: Air - Color: Blue

"The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind." — William Blake

GMO and Gluten: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

GMO Gluten eliminate diet heal quickly

Many health care professionals have noted that when gluten and GMO’s are eliminated from people’s diet, they heal far more quickly than by just eliminating gluten alone. More than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten. For the full story watch the video at the end of this blog installment.

Easy pH Quiz

Easy ph quiz acid alkaline 7.2 scale

Knowledge is a powerful tool. It can shed light in the darkest of places. So many people give up their power to the darkness of fear and the unknown. Hopefully this little quiz will shed some light and take the confusion out of pH monitoring, while at the same time test your acumen on the subject of pH. Once you understand how basic and simple pH testing can be, the sooner you can implement its principals into your daily life. Small changes that just may produce big life-altering results in a most positive way.

A Time to Practice Gratitude

Sweet Potato Soup Thanksgiving Holiday

I always look to nature for answers. This is written on a beautiful fall day. The brightly colored leaves are on the ground swirling in the crisp breeze. I can’t help but think nature does not place one leaf above another. The Maple, the Oak and the Ash all swirl around with each other in a most joyous dance. Each is beautiful in its own way. When spring arrives the seeds of these same trees are also blown to the rhythm of a new dance, by a warmer breeze to their new home. The seeds will grow with no concerns of the other tree’s nationality, religion or politics. Creating a forest without judgment, regret or prejudice. To free one self from such man-created concerns raises the vibration not only for us, but also for the planet. I find myself grateful for the lesson of the leaves. “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” – Cicero

The power Hydrogen factor

pH hydrogen ion acid alkaline ratio blood levels 7.4 diet

The term "pH" is an acronym for the "potential of Hydrogen” or the hydrion ion exponent. This potential of Hydrogen, sometimes called power Hydrogen is the acid to alkaline ratio existing in all matter. Our blood pH is most vital to our well-being, either a fraction of a point too high or too low can cause death. And this is what would happen if it weren’t for our body’s store of buffers. Organic buffers such as calcium, magnesium and potassium along with other minerals are found in abundance in our bones, teeth, organs and tissues. Think of it this way, the food you eat and the beverages you drink can either deposit alkalizing buffers or remove them from your store. If this were your bank account, it wouldn’t take long to deplete your savings if you only took withdrawals. Conversely, only making deposits and never taking money out would make you quite rich. The same can be said for your health. No one on their deathbed ever wished for more riches, all most dying people want is more time.

Spotlight on Macro Greens™

Macro Greens alkalizing whole food source morning smoothie gluten-free vegan raw

My family and I have been adding Macro Greens to our daily diet for many years. It’s our secret weapon for keeping alkaline and getting the wholesome nutrients we might otherwise be missing. We all lead active lives and don’t always have the time to juice or eat the way we know we should. Macro Greens is that great pick-me-up snack between meals or as part of our morning smoothie that keeps us on track — a true nutrient rich super-food for adults and children alike.

Why Test Body Fluids for pH?

urine saliva basal body temperature ph thyroid high blood pressure cholesterol

There are many in the healthcare field today to whom testing urine or saliva pH is considered quackery. I don’t agree. For me regular pH testing is not that different from testing one’s temperature. We know our body temperature can tell a great deal about the state of our health. For example, many women use the temperature method as an effective and natural birth control. By charting a woman’s basal body temperature every morning she knows when she is ovulating. Immediately after ovulation the body temperature will go slightly higher, a fraction of a degree tells a lot. Tracking temperature can also tell a great deal about thyroid function. Chronically low basal temperatures can mean a low thyroid function. We check a child’s temperature when sick to make sure it doesn’t go dangerously high and cause brain damage. If a person’s temperature dips too low hyperthermia will result. Just think how a change in temperature affects water. In the food industry the temperature of food storage can mean the difference between safe food and foods that poison.

The Origin of Cancer Cells

Cancer Cells Otto Warburg oxygen cause by a fermentation of sugar

Professor Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his work in which he proved that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. He described his findings by saying that "the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar." The Warburg hypothesis suggests that the force behind the formation of a tumor is an insufficient cellular respiration caused by insult to mitochondria. The mitochondria are organized and very specialized structures living within a cell. A normal healthy cell produces pyruvic acid, which supplies energy to living cells through the Krebs cycle when oxygen is present. This function is prohibited in a cancer cell.